Shay Ziv Mangoli

Innovative thinking. Engaging interaction. Extended reach.
Shay Ziv Mangoli

My Skills

Shay has vast experience is multiple marketing arenas, including finance, online shopping, travel and many more. Shay is an amazing media planner with 15 years of experience in the digital world. He can take a bland campaign and turn it viral with a genius media plan alone. Shay is a freak for online advertising and innovative marketing ideas and solutions and is always looking for the next big online idea to develop and magnify.

My Bio

Shay calls himself a “ruthless womanizer”, but in a good way. He is an amateur photographer and makes magic with his smartphone camera daily. He is usually smiling but doesn’t have patience for people who pretend to know it all, as he knows there is no such thing. Shay is a key player in the Tel-Aviv nightlife and loves to play dress up and party all night long.